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Historical ramblings on various topics having to do with the United Kingdom, Ireland and isles that make up the British Isles. Run by an American university history student studying this topic.

Today (22 August 2012) marks the 90th anniversary of Michael Collins’ death. Born in 1890, Collins was a prominent IRA leader famous for his guerrilla warfare tactics used primarily during the Anglo-Irish War of 1919 – 1921. His actions caused the British to put a £10,000 price on his head. Collins’ also was a very prominent member of Sinn Féin. In July of 1921 he and Arthur Griffith was sent to London to negotiate and sign the Anglo-Irish treaty, which gave Ireland dominion status. On 22 August 1922, while doing a military inspection, Collins was ambushed by anti-treaty insurgence and killed during the gun fire.

Source:  Encyclopedia Britannica. “Michael Collins”.

Images from Wikimedia Commons

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